The Biology of Belief

By: Bruce H. Lipton

The Biology of Belief begins as an attempt to rewrite our understanding of evolution and ventures on into a range of what many might write off as "new age" or "hippy stuff," backing it with science. The most reality-quaking argument, though, is Lipton's attack on the idea that evolution is driven by random mutations. As a cellular biologist, he believes that cells receive information from the environment and over time, incorporate it into their DNA. It's a convincing argument, with fascinating implications.

Regardless of Lipton's main argument, there are many undisputed truths that are worth your consideration ranging from belief to meditation to the structure of our minds. This book has bent my reality in the best of ways and for that, I highly recommend it.

My 10 Favorite Index Cards:

Genes are physical memories of an organism’s learned experiences.
They needed to hear they were first-rate students in order to believe that they could perform as first-rate students. As I will detail in future chapters, so many of us are living limited lives not because we have to but because we think we have to.
Buried in exceptional cases are the roots of a more powerful understanding of the nature of life—“more powerful” because the principles behind these exceptions trump established truths.
The conscious mind’s capacity to override the subconscious mind’s programmed behaviors is the fountain of free will.
Once we accept the perceptions of others as “truths” their perceptions become hardwired in our own brains, becoming our “truths.” Here’s where the problem arises: what if our teachers’ perceptions are inaccurate? In such cases, our brains are then downloaded with misperceptions.
The fact is that the primary source controlling our life experiences is the subconscious mind, and we need to focus on reprogramming it rather than just shifting our conscious mind’s beliefs.
To an extent that immunologists and psychologists rarely appreciate, we are architects of our own experience. Your subjective experience carries more power than your objective situation.
— Steve Cole (Epigeneticist at UCLA School of Medicine)
We are born with the ability to swim... But children quickly acquire fear of the water from their parents—observe the response of parents when their unattended child ventures near a pool or other open water. Children learn from their parents that water is dangerous. Parents must later struggle to teach Johnny how to swim. Their first big effort is focused on overcoming the fear of water they instilled in earlier years.
I was intellectually aware of everything in this book, but, before I made the effort to change, this made no impact on my life. If you simply read this book and think that your life and your children’s lives will change, you’re doing the equivalent of accepting the latest pharmaceutical pill thinking it will “fix” everything. No one is fixed until they make the effort to change.
I had spent years studying molecular control mechanisms within the physical body and that astounding moment came to realize that the protein “switches” that control life are primarily turned on and off by signals from the environment... the Universe.

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