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Sorry, but it seems the url you've typed in for The Living Theory doesn't exist.

Maybe it was a typo, maybe it's a page that no longer exists... Whatever you typed typed in the address bar, it landed you here. A page of content only accessible though typing in wrong url address... But maybe it wasn't the wrong address though? Maybe it was just different from what you were looking for?

If we keep an open mind and open eyes in our pursuits towards a desired destination, we may find something better than what we originally set out for in the beginning.

Look at you. You were trying to land on a particular part of my website and instead you got an invitation to of one of the most beautiful, extremely remote beaches on earth.

Wanna go? Shoot me an email.

I'll tell you where and how you can do the entire trip for less than $100 (flights included).

Rock on.

P.S. If you clicked a link on this website that brought you here, please, let me know. We don't want the secret getting out too fast now...