Reserve Your Spot for WONDER WANDER 2018

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Reserve Your Spot for WONDER WANDER 2018


Congrats! You’ve been invited to WONDER WANDER 2018!!!

As noted on the event page, $150 covers all food and drink and gets you your own room for four nights at the Range Rider's Lodge in Silver Gate, Montana.

By sending this $150 my way to reserve your spot, you’re agreeing that:

  • You have thoroughly read the event description and are down to approach this event as “friends who’ve just yet to meet” in an easy-going, communal fashion.

  • You have signed the WONDER WANDER 2018 Liability Waiver (attached to the invitation email) and sent a copy back to Ethan.

  • You are stoked for this gathering and won’t back out unless something serious and urgent happens.

See you in September!


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