The 20 most popular, resonating articles I've written.

With well over a hundred articles on this site it can be hard to know where to start. Here's a collection of the top twenty articles, a sort of "greatest hits," based upon popularity, reactions from readers, and words I most want to share with you.


The Living Theory — My origin story. How a mosquito bite changed everything.

How to Feel More Alive and Less Numb — Why comfort and convenience is making us numb and what to do about it.

10 Rules for Insanely Cheap Travel — Rules that earned me a summer in Hawaii for less than the cost of a plane ticket and five months in New Zealand for less than $3,000.

The Commonplace Book — How to remember everything worthwhile. A forgotten practice of many great thinkers.

“How Did I Get Here?” Moments — The highest achievable moment of travel, that paradoxically, we cannot deliberately pursue.

The Most Beautiful Sunrise of My Life — The story of my second attempt at Mount Whitney. Why strife is a wonderful thing.

10 Steps to Take Back Your Life — A short guide to taking back your time, freedom, and discovering how you want to live.

An Interview with a Real Life Yesman — "Yes” has led him to everything from endless free concert tickets to college graduation speeches.

How to Stop Time from Accelerating and Turn a Hundred Years into a Thousand — How our perception of time works. And how to make your life a whole lot longer.

How to Travel New Zealand on the Cheap — The ultimate example of my cheap travel strategies in action. Travel credit cards, few plans, and how I spent less than $3,000 for 136 days in New Zealand.

Backing into the Future: The Simple Reason the Greeks Valued the Present More Than Us — We envision the future ahead of us and the past behind. The Ancient Greeks did the opposite.

Breathtaking Moments and Our Incessant Need to Capture Them — Observations from Horseshoe Bend and how to cope with our constant need to capture life through a lens.

The Art of Failure — After walking over 200 miles, we turned around half a mile from our goal. Why failure is a good thing.

Why You Should Stop Watching So Much TV and Be More Like Bruce Dickinson — The average American spends 10% of their life watching TV. What else could we do with that time?

Why? vs. Why Not? — A tiny change that makes a tremendous difference.

Why You Need to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable — Comfort is our false idol, corrosive to our awareness, adaptability, appreciation, and the wonder of being alive.

WWOOFing Hawaii — All about a summer spent WWOOFing on the Big Island of Hawaii. It cost me $669, which is less than the cost of a plane ticket to Hawaii.

Four Life Changing Lessons I Learned from Having a Stroke at Sixteen — Insights from what I thought to be the worst thing that ever happened to me, which turned out to be the best.

In Memory of an Astronaut — A message from "Boomer," a fellow Phoenix Children's Hospital patient who repeated ventured to the edge of life and back.

The Time I was Caught Sleeping in My Car and Some Thoughts on Cultural Pressure — Disapproval in a Denver suburb and why, despite cultural pressures, we remain captains of our own destiny.