Second to the firsthand experience of life, this website is my favorite way of interacting with the world.

Primarily, I write. In the form of blog posts and monthly letters. All the photographs on this site are mine as well (unless, of course, I’m in them).

At the age of sixteen, a near death experience taught me the value of time. I strive to spend mine well and help others do the same.

To get a better sense for what life is about and how I want to spend mine, I set out on a broad exploration after graduating college.

Some of my more interesting chapters include:

This website has two aims:

1. To enable. I try to take the best of what I encounter in my exploration of life and give it to others.

2. To wake. In the face of impermanence, much of our cultural conditioning makes little sense, often leading us to squander our time in trivial ways. I point these trivialities out and try to offer better ways to spend our days.

Pursuing these two aims on this ride of life lends joy and meaning to my days. Thanks for joining me here.

While there are over 100 posts here, I believe my best, most compelling words often come out in my monthly letters. 

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