Here, I write about what matters to and moves me.

At the age of sixteen, a near death experience taught me the value of time. I strive to spend mine well and help others do the same.

Upon graduating college, I found myself at a cross-roads: put my head down and plow through medical school onto culturally defined success, or answer this vague-something beckoning me out from within. I chose the latter and stumbled my way into a financially-light, minimal lifestyle that allowed me to venture out on a grand global adventure in search of a better sense of what life’s about and how I might want to spend mine.

Some of my more interesting chapters include:

This website has two aims:

1. To enable. I strive to share the best of what I encounter with others.

2. To wake. Through the lens of impermanence, much of our cultural conditioning makes little sense. It rarely occurs to us that our ways of being were made up by others and that life can us much larger and more expansive than them. I strive to open eyes to this perspective and offer better ways to spend our days.

Pursuing these aims while I ride the ride of life lends much joy and meaning to my days. Thank you for joining me here.

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