An Exercise in Overwhelming Possibility

By Ethan Maurice | November 30, 2016

This is not an article, it's an experiment. It takes about ten minutes. It will make you think about how narrow-minded we all normally are and will leave you with a profound, overwhelming sense of possibility.

Interested? Grab headphones, a pen, and a blank piece of paper. Not grabbing said ingredients? Don't bother reading on.

Step 1: Cue the Music

Plug those headphones in, play the video below, and crank up the volume. Go ahead, start it now. With the volume high, take a couple easy, deep breaths and relax into it a bit. Then, continue on with the article.

Step 2: Let the Stream of Consciousness Flow

Grab that piece of paper and pen. Write "Possibility: Things I Could Do at This Very Moment" at the top. For the next ten minutes, just let the stream of consciousness flow. Write down every possible thing that you can think of that you could do at this very moment, right now.

  • Swim in the nearest body of water

  • Strike up a conversation with a stranger next to you

  • Begin learning Latin

  • Cut stencils to begin your career as an underground street artist

  • Call an estranged friend

  • Eat a burrito

You get the point: ANYTHING you could possibly do right now. Look at the vast possibility surrounding you. Start writing. Let it flow as the music and that sense of possibility expand and consume you. Trust me here, at minimum, you'll want to go until 9:59 (to fully experience the largest buildup in the music), but keep writing for as long as it grips you.

Don't read any further for now. Write!

Step 3: Feel The Overwhelming Sense of Possibility

You're done. If you're like me, you're probably covered in goose bumps, overwhelmed with a feeling of freedom, possibility, and excitement.

At this very moment, you could do absolutely anything.

We use the phrase, "the opportunity of a lifetime," to convey that a certain opportunity is the best we'll have in our entire lives. But have you ever thought about "the opportunity of a lifetime" in a literal sense of the phrase? Think about it: "the opportunity of a lifetime." Every second, every moment of life contains such extreme possibility and room for spontaneity.

As we all know, some things are too small to see. But little do we recognize that some are also too large to see. I think one of those gargantuan, unperceivable things is the limitless scope of possibility explorable in each moment, stretched out over the entirety of a lifetime.

Can you see it right now? Can you feel it? Remember it.

Live without the blinders on, with the awareness of possibility in every moment.

You can do anything, at any time.




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