Don't be a Non-Conformist, Be an Unconformist

By Ethan Maurice | October 21, 2015

There's a surprisingly large gap between the small difference in prefix of nonconformity and unconformity. Both words suggest an opposition to conforming, which is to comply to the rules, standards, or status quo. The difference though, lies within how those rules, standards, and status quo affect an individual.

Nonconformity is a complete rejection of the norm. It's automatically taking an opposing stance towards rules, regulations, or what's popular. The idea is simple, reject the standard, because it is the standard.

Unconformity, on the other hand, is a refusal to let the norm influence one's decisions. Whether something is normal, popular, or not, has no effect on the decision making process. A weighing of one's options without factoring in what the mentality of the herd.

Thus, a nonconformist is controlled by the very popularity they are rejecting, while an unconformist remains uninfluenced by social weight.

Nonconformity is the mark of a wannabe rebel. Unconformity is the mark of a free thinking individual.

Don't be a nonconformist, be an unconformist.




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