Embracing Possibility and an Epic Trek Through the Alaskan Wilderness

By Ethan Maurice | October 5, 2016

Right now, each of us could venture anywhere we want on planet Earth.

Of course, we all have reasonable excuses why we can't (work, bills, family etc.), but most aren't reasons why we cannot go, but reasons why we should not go. The kicker is that should not reasons tie most people down their whole lives. And though we may feel we absolutely should take some time to explore this great big world, a string of smaller should not reasons can connect like a string of monkeys in a barrel to span and bind us for the length of our entire lives. Sometimes we have to shake the ties of a couple should not reasons and go anyway, consequences be damned.

The video below is a National Geographic Live! Presentation by Andrew Skurka, a man who left the trail behind to traverse 4,679 miles of Alaskan Wilderness. It's riveting. It's powerful. It's one of the most inspiring talks I've ever seen. I share it not just in the hopes that it moves you, but to illustrate the extreme degree of possibility that comes with being alive.

From big cities to small towns to expanses of nameless places in between, we can go anywhere and do anything. If only we would open our minds. If only we would embrace the possibility.

*For more backcountry inspiration check out andrewskurka.com.

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