How to Conquer the World

By Ethan Maurice | September 3, 2015

Humans are naturally lazy—a long time ago, laziness was evolutionarily important.

Our ancestors didn't have seemingly endless supplies of food at the supermarket. Cars did not exist, there was no electricity, and water didn't come out of a faucet in the kitchen. Our ancestors had to walk everywhere they went. If they were cold, they had to gather wood for a fire or kill an animal to wear its fur. Food had to be hunted or gathered, and the closest source of water was much further than the kitchen sink.

The point is that resources weren't easy to come by. So when our ancestors weren't in need of anything of importance to their survival, they wouldn't want to expend much effort and energy, otherwise they would need more resources. Back then, laziness was an important survival mechanism.

In developed, first world countries, resources are no longer an issue for most of us. Food, water, warmth, and shelter are in no shortage for us lucky enough to have been born in wealthier areas of the world. Thus, we have no immediate threats to our survival, leaving us with a lazy disposition.

So, in order to rise to the top, to be the cream of the crop, or to conquer the world, one must find motivation elsewhere. Many find motivation from expectation of family and friends. Some find motivation from monetary and material rewards.

People who change the world though, are motivated by a deeper drive: A love of what they do. Genuine interest. What motivates most (expectations, money, etc.) isn't a factor. Your love of something will always trump your competition's obligation to it.

So how do you conquer the world, find fulfillment, or be the best at what you do?

Find something you love, where deep passion lies, and do that. Your superficially motivated competitors won't stand a chance.




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