I Didn't Write an Article Worth Posting This Week

By Ethan Maurice | March 8, 2016

I've been posting every Wednesday on The Living Theory for the past couple months, but today, I'm afraid I don't have anything ready. Each week so far, I've managed to find an idea that consumes me and come to some conclusion I consider worth sharing. Other times I write something useful that I think could help a lot of people, but this week, my ideas just didn't come out right.

I actually started three different articles and got a ways into all three of them, but I'm still unsure where they ultimately lead and I've yet to nail down the biggest take away from each idea. So rather than rush a worthwhile idea to a worthless conclusion, I decided I'd just say: it'll be here next week.

I posted today anyway, because I do have a worthwhile point to make on this very subject:

I've read a decent amount of advice on building a following. Everyone seems to say I should be posting at least three times per week—if not every day—if I want people to stay interested in my website. Many bloggers seem to have taken this to heart and measure their creative output not by quality, but quantity.

Frankly, I think that's bull shit.

Would you rather see ten bad movies or one great one? Would you rather read twenty forgettable articles or one life changing one? Would you as a reader, rather find one astonishingly incredible and useful article on my website or a thousand, haphazardly slapped together articles?

I think the answer's quite obvious. Not one single person is searching for a quantity of information. Everyone takes to the internet searching for quality information.

I refuse to compromise the quality of my work for the quantity of it and I think the internet would be a better place if everyone else did too.

And that, I truly believe, is an idea worth sharing.




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