Now is the Perfect Time to Apply for An Epic Summer Job on CoolWorks

By Ethan Maurice | March 23, 2017

If you're looking for adventure and to fill up your bank account this summer, now is the time to apply for a seasonal, summer job on CoolWorks.

CoolWorks is the most badass, awesome job board on the internet. Employers are screened beforehand with the requirement that they offer "cool jobs" or jobs in "cool places." Opportunities are listed for national parks, ski resorts, cruise ships, rafting companies, summer camps, travel companies, beach towns, ranches, and an endless variety of other uncategorizable cool gigs.

Many jobs on CoolWorks offer free or discounted housing. Some will even feed you. This is huge because it allows you to save (instead of spend) your paycheck like everyone else back home.

Using CoolWorks to find a job last summer, I was torn between leading bicycle tours in Skagway, Alaska, driving a shuttle van for a bush plane company near Denali National Park, or working as innkeeper/bartender of an old lodge a mile outside Yellowstone National Park. I ended up going with the latter and had a surreal summer (the mountains in the photo atop this article were my backyard) while saving almost all of my income as my only significant expenses were food and gas for my car.

A Couple of Tips for Using CoolWorks

1. Take some time to look around. Hover over "FIND A JOB" and click "WHAT'S NEW" which will give you the entire list of jobs on CoolWorks in order of newest to oldest post date. There's a long list of positions with such variety, I recommend just scrolling through and noting anything that catches your eye. Then, go back and apply.

2. You can limit your search by State or Category. Maybe you're set on going to Alaska? Maybe you want to guide rafting trips or work with horses? If you know where you want to go or what you want to do, you can limit the sea of opportunities by State or Category to find what you're looking for.

3. Consider housing and food costs too. When comparing jobs weigh the factors of housing and food when projecting the kind of money you can expect to make. Free housing could save you thousands (especially in Alaska) and free food for the entire summer is significant.

If you're looking for adventure and income this summer, take a look:

*I have no connections or arrangements with CoolWorks, purely pointing in the direction of an opportunity.




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