Three of My Favorite Articles on the Internet

By Ethan Maurice | September 3, 2015

Over the past couple years I've read hundreds of articles, columns, books etc. about a variety of topics revolving around life, pursuit, and how to best spend our ultimately limited existence. Here are three articles that each had their own unique, profound impact upon my life:

20 Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Superb Advice on How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life

A letter legendary author, Hunter S. Thompson, wrote in response to a friend asking, “What should I do with my life?” Among other things, Thompson's insightful response explains that, “We must make the goal conform to the individual, rather than make the individual conform to the goal.”

The Complete Guide To Not Giving A F*ck

Pardon his French, but Julien Smith hits the nail on the head here. Many of us often tiptoe around and play it safe all to often in an effort to please everyone... I know I'm guilty. It's about time we grow a spine and stand for what we believe, instead of noncommittally existing with the hope to make everyone like us.

A Guide For Young People: What To Do With Your Life

The perfect answer to “What do you want to do with your life?” Our society has this misconception that we should know exactly what we want to do with our lives. Most young people don't know and are bombarded with the question. Nobody should try to plan their whole life out. Experiences change us, opportunities present themselves, and our desires constantly change, so rather than plan, prepare - by doing amazing things.




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