Triumphing Over Our Lazy Disposition

By Ethan Maurice | January 20, 2016

Often, it's better to do the opposite:

  • Begin immediately

  • Rise early

  • Do it the right way

  • Do today's workout

  • Do what's important first

  • Seek aliveness

We're designed to:

  • Procrastinate

  • Sleep in

  • Take the easy way out

  • Skip today's workout

  • Value urgency over importance

  • Seek comfort

Our default setting is laziness. Our minds and bodies have evolved to stop us from doing.

Our ancestors were in a constant struggle for resources and until evolutionarily recently, it was important for survival to conserve energy when it wasn't necessary. We're still adapted to the environment of the past, but no longer worry about the basic necessities that used to motivate us (food, water, shelter etc).

To succeed in our world today, we must do something our ancestors of long ago never had to - we have to fight our very nature to get everything done.

If our evolved laziness is stronger than our will, we will merely be a product of our environment. However, if our will is stronger than our evolved laziness, we hold the reins to our destiny.

Recognize this: we must fight our basic desires to satisfy meaningful ones.



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