April 13th, 2015

Today is a significant day in the road map of my life. I'm in. I'm all out loving and gunning to work on ships. I think I'd like to captain them eventually. Most people choose a career path that keeps them chained to home, but I've discovered you can also chain yourself away from it. I choose the high seas, the open road, exploration and living each day with childlike excitement of wonder and adventure. It's not a definite A or B choice, but I definitely prefer a lean towards the horizon.

The original captain of the American Glory (and my favorite captain) basically laid the plans for me to become a QMED for American Cruise Lines. The temporary mate seems quite excited for me too, and took the time to explain how I can advance toward a 100 Ton Captain's License.

  • 720 days at sea required
  • I'm getting 1.5 days per day at sea (12 hour shift)
  • Pass Coast Guard Test (take class for roughly $1000)
  • Then can work as a mate and up to captain.

Welcome to the world's best office.