April 21st, 2015

I think art is one of—if not the—highest of human functions. Few other animals make art. It serves as no efficient survival purpose. It fulfills no basic need. Why do we feel such need and desire to create music, poetry, write, draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or in any other artistic medium?

In response to what I wrote yesterday, I think I need to write for The Living Theory, not for profit or internet fame, but simply to express my art: writing and understanding. No matter what I do for economic profit, my highest calling and passion can lie in the passing of brilliant ideas though writing.

I also think when one gets bored with their current situation, they should find a cause or problem and work to make it right. Like fighting to overturn Citizen's United. Protest. Picket. Creatively fight the forces of evil.

Hell yeah.