February 10th, 2015

The television overhead blares FOX News as a ever changing cast of news anchors waffle between berating Barrack Obama and talking about the girl from my school who was killed by ISIS. I just finished two days of deckhand training at the American Cruise Lines home office in Guilford, Connecticut and I'm now hiding from the frozen landscape of white powder in the local McDonald's. New England has received over five feet of snow in the last month. Why do so many people live here?

Two days ago, I boarded a plane in Phoenix, marking the beginning of a new adventure. I'll be working the next three months as a deckhand for American Cruise Lines and will spend the following three WWOOFing on a farm in Hawaii. Today marks the beginning of a couple weeks in New England before I head out to the ship. Instead of going home to spend the time between training and flying out to my ship, I'll be staying with family I haven't visited for much to long in Connecticut. I'm going to be picked up by my uncle in a few hours at this McDonald's.

So many new people, places, and experiences lay ahead... The beauty of it all: I'll experience the entirety of the East Coast of the United States and spend three months on the Big Island of Hawaii, all the while making about $9,000. I've played my cards right and with no responsibilities other than a cell phone bill and a small chunk of student loans, the world is my playground.

Anyway, this journal will be along for the ride. Hopefully it'll be filled with interesting thoughts and recollections of good times.