Today Was a Good Day | August 2nd, 2015

wwoof hawaii

I feel alive. Confident. Excited. Something was different in me today and now, such an incredible sense of contentment that I haven't felt in a while. Today was great.

I woke up at 6am to run eight miles this morning. Upon my return, I showered and ate banana pancakes. Clean and full, I went back to my cabin to write, but was soon interrupted by Matty calling my name and dragging a big piece of plastic out for a slip n' slide down the hill in the cow pasture. I wanted to work on The Living Theory, but one must say yes to such epic propositions regardless of their intentions.

We grabbed a bottle of dish soap and spent the next three hours horsing around on this huge slip n' slide. I shot some great GoPro footage, and in fact, I just looked over it—excitement and elation filled each expression on our faces in every clip. It's a wonder we don't play as much as we age.

In the afternoon, I got a ride into town from Bryan and spent a couple hours at Sirus Coffee working on The Living Theory. I should be releasing it within a month's time! I also returned a call home that I missed, both my mom and dad got on speaker phone and told me that I'm welcome at home as long as I'd like after the Miracle Challenge fundraiser, that I'm a coach for, in September is up. We had a nice moment of me thanking them for acting as home base while I bounce around all over the world and them thanking me for taking care of college myself. Guess we both got the big piece of the wishbone.

I hitched back from town with a 30-something blonde surfer dude driving an old diesel Mercedes Benz. He makes his own Biodiesel from vegetable oil waste he picks up all around town. Just a down to earth, all around cool guy. I think his name was Rich. When I got back to the farm, Matty offered me a bowl of some sort of Hungarian dish Liz made (so tasty), and we watched Price of Persia together.

It was the best day I've had in Hawaii thus far, and the amazing part, it's been socked in and pouring rain the entire day.