A Profound, Perspective-Shifting Fifteen Minutes with Alan Watts

By Ethan Maurice | January 30, 2018

I found myself frustrated and stuck in Las Cruces, New Mexico last week.

Due to our federal government shutdown, I was locked out of White Sands National Monument and driving down to Big Bend National Park wasn't any more promising. Congress appeared gridlocked. The weather was uncharacteristically cold and gusty—and when I say gusty—I mean blow the lid of your peanut butter jar away at fifty miles per hour while you're making a PB&J kind of gusty.

Cold, confined, and unsure where to head next, the realities of life lived from a vehicle seemed leveraged against me.

A midday workout at Anytime Fitness wasn't enough to bring me back to good, so I took to a treadmill for a stroll. Rather than gape at the row of televisions mounted ahead, I popped headphones in my ears and searched "Alan Watts" on YouTube. Holding onto the handles of the treadmill, I found it easy to just close my eyes and walk. Eyes closed, I sauntered and listened.

I stepped on that treadmill anxious, frustrated, and lost.

I stepped off that treadmill centered and grateful, immersed in awe.

Most noteworthy, though, was what happened between those two points. And rather than describe what happened, thanks to this crazy thing called the internet, I can actually give you the experience.

Here it is.

Four Alan Watts Clips:

How to Go About It:

  • Find a place you won't be interrupted (treadmill optional).

  • Put headphones in your ears.

  • Hit play.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Listen.

  • When one video finishes, momentarily open your eyes to hit play on the next.

  • The total runtime is 14:33. So this will take about fifteen minutes.

Enjoy the ride, and perhaps a few realizations.




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