March 14th, 2015

Thoughts from late-night rounds:

This week I begin the loss of circadian rhythm experiment. My shift now starts at midnight and ends at noon. I've decided to break my journal out and chronicle my thoughts for the next few nights, as I expect my mind to be in unusual places.

2:47am Surprisingly awake and enthused for such a shift. Really glad to be working on the Glory. Learning lots, meeting people, and seeing new places. But not just visiting these places, with work as a deckhand, I feel not as a visitor, tourist, or observer, but some sort of oxymoronical traveling local. I missed that feeling of belonging on my week long solo AZ bike tour this fall. Experiences are better shared.

2:56am – Noticed someone who seems to have used my idea for videography of a city. Bummer I never got too far on that. Go live in a place for a year, shoot timelapses and video, then put it all together in a couple minute promo and eventually get cities to pay you for it. Sort of like that Yosemite HD Video, but for cities.

3:07am – Cruise ships are wasteful. After every meal, pounds and pounds of delicious passenger food is thrown away. Really makes me wonder, of all the food we actually grow and harvest, how much do we actually eat? On this ship, it wouldn't surprise me if 35% of the food was tossed out. When and if future populations run out of the ability to produce more food the efficiency of it's actual uptake will be a logical place to look for improvement.

3:25am – Just want to express my belief in a “low information diet.” If you input too much information constantly or over a short period of time, the info is less memorable and/or useful. For this reason, I don't watch news or read newspapers often. It's also why reading and books are so useful as what is written can be digested at one's own pace and fully understood.

3:38am – Remove all other distractions of a sense and focus them all on one sole subject. The intensity is amplified ten fold. A silence and calm overlies the usually bustling cruise ship and music from my headphones hits like a bucket of ice water. Awesome. Haven't enjoyed music this much in a long time.

4:18am – Hungry. It's funny how well your body can direct your minds attention when it needs something. I'm going to go eat two boxes of Raisin Bran.

4:51am – The chefs are getting started. Bummer! The quiet, sleeping cruise ship is waking up.