March 15th, 2015

Once again, thoughts from late night rounds:

1:52am – My alarm buzzed at 11:20pm. Dazed, I walked into the bathroom and the Engine Room Assistant greeted me with a sprightly “Good Morning!!!” sympathizing with my late night shift. I was struck with panic for a second wondering if it was actually morning and I missed my shift. I've been thinking about it for the past hour or so and I've come to the conclusion that its all relative, a matter of perspective. For me, 11:35pm is morning this week and though it's almost 2:00am, it still feels like morning. If everyone woke up at 11:20pm all the time, we would all consider morning to be at such an hour. Though we naturally sleep in sync with the sun, if some crazy circumstance caused us to avoid it, it's conceivable that everyone's morning hours could fall during the night time... I think the caffeine is getting to me.

3:57am – Really heavily considering work as a deckhand on a private yacht after this. Salaries for a deckhand on such a boat range from 30K to 45K per year. More importantly, I'm enjoying work as a deckhand on a floating retirement home, it must be great to work in a more interesting environment. Serious travel and serious pay, I'm seriously considering it. Definitely going to spend some time in Hawaii first though!