Arrival | June 17th, 2015

wwoofing hawaii cabin

I'm here! Sitting at my desk, in my own little cabin on the Big Island of Hawaii. As promised, it didn't rain at all yesterday, but the sky opened up at night—a soothing sound while falling asleep—rain coming down all around your cabin.

Speaking of the cabin, it's a cool, rustic little place. My bed is a double-sized mattress perched upon a box spring, which sits upon the floor. What I can only describe as large “cubbies” line one wall and a half of another. An extension cord coming from parts unknown runs through my door and ends in a power strip placed on my desk. The windows are made of mesh netting, not glass, just enough to keep the bugs out. The door leading out to the porch is a metal security-screen door that doesn't latch shut, but pulled in with a bit of force makes frictional contact with the floor, holding it shut. It's the perfect rustic hideaway in which I can write.

The flight in was great. I watched two movies on my laptop and conversed with a the Physical Therapist seated next to me for a good while. Hawaiian Airlines serves complimentary meals and even an alcoholic drink, free of charge. I had a rum and coke. Soaring above the islands on my second flight from Oahu to the Big Island was gorgeous. I noticed that often when it's cloudy on an island, it's just clouds a pile up of the occasional cloud running into a volcano. The Hilo side of the Big Island was cloudy and wet while the Kona side sunny and dry. Everyone says hitchhiking is easy and I imagine I'll be able to get around the island without too much difficulty. Everyone on the farm seems cool! But more on that later... Aloha Hawaii!!!