A Shift In Reality | June 18th, 2015

wwoof hawaii

I've been on this farm for 24 hours now and I've noticed a shift in my reality. Maybe it's a change from fast to slow pace or maybe just another perspective of wealth with value and security through self-sufficiency. This farm is off the grid, completely powered by solar panels. It's on the friggin Big Island of Hawaii and unbelievably gorgeous. The cars are old and cheap Toyota pickups, because they're dependable and easy to fix. With the ocean close, these people live how so many office bound workers wish they could. The climate is perfect—year round—both air conditioners and heaters are unnecessary. And according to my fellow WWOOFer, Tee, if you have the skills to tend the land and build yourself, you can buy four acres of untamed land for $7,000 here! One could build their dream home here for next to nothing, and with a lot of hard work, build it to completely sustain itself.