March 18th, 2015

More thoughts from late night rounds:

3:36am – Still like this job, but I have two problems with the company...

  1. 11pm curfew. Seriously? I'm one of the few 23 year old's who doesn't have the option to choose when to come and go.

  2. No alcohol allowed. Once again, 23 years old! I have to sneak around like a freshman in college again. Most importantly, though, getting a drink is how most people socialize after a 12 hour workday. It makes hanging out in all these awesome downtown areas more difficult.

Both rules limit our ability to experience each port. Still enjoying everything! These things just gnaw at you.

4:16am – A deckhand quit this week. He has the worst technological addiction I've ever seen. He lives for “his shows." He spent every moment possible starring at his phone—even during meals when we all ate together—he'd just sit there and watch videos. He didn't enjoy ship-life because he never experienced it. Awareness of something is essential in the enjoyment of it.